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Richard's friend Ollie comes back to the hospital. 

Jo and Meredith's lab rats died. 

The mom agrees to surgery for the young boy with the brain tumor. It will make him the guinea pig for Amelia's experimental surgery. 

Alex tells Kimmie that the surgery for the other young patient is a go, and that she may be able to have it after that. 

Richard's sponsor signed a DNR, and he's upset about it. He swears to fight like hell for Olive. 

April apologizes to Tom for using him, and he tells her not to apologize. He also tells her that he can tell she made up with God.

Amelia is nervous about her surgery. DeLuca has her do the Superman pose to hyper herself up.

Owen is livid because Arizona's patient is raving about her oncologist but something isn't right. After running a scan, he realizes that the woman does not have breast cancer as she was led to believe. 

Bailey keeps trying to entice Ben into having sex with her, but it's not working. He's always too tired or too distracted.

The experiment on the young patient isn't working so well because the kid's brain keeps overheating and there's nowhere for the heat to disperse. They don't know if it's working or not. Amelia gets sick at the idea that it won't be a success.

Olive tries to convince Maggie and Meredith to talk to Richard and get him to accept that she's dying. She doesn't want Richard to fall off the wagon again.

Sam and Andrew wake up together. She realizes she has never been to his apartment. He confesses that he's in between homes and that he's been living in the on-call room. She asks him to move in with her. 

Owen and Arizona go to Dr. Hansen's practice so they can see them. They pretend to be a married couple. Arizona gets a breast exam by Hansen. He finds a lesion on the monitor that tells him that she has breast cancer in her left breast. 

Owen and Arizona are convinced that Hansen really is lying about his patients, but when Owen looks at the monitor he sees that it's real. 

Noah wakes up from surgery, but he's still laughing.

Arizona and Owen demand that April come with them to check Arizona's breast. It's all clear on the ultrasound, so they conclude that Hansen fakes the ultra-sounds so he can charge women for chemo. Owen is livid and ready to take all of his anger out on Hansen.

April apologizes to Jackson and tells him why she felt like he had won when she lost God. She thanks him for being there for her throughout all of that. 

Amelia and Tom agree that there are too many variables and they can't do the surgery on Kimmie. Tom wants to take her to Broadway shows. Alex doesn't take it well and gets aggressive with Tom. 

Owen goes to Hanson's office and confronts him. He roughs him up a bit and threatens to put the same chemo he's poisoning everyone with into him. The cops come to get Hanson.

April apologizes to Maggie for how she's behaved at the game night, and she lets it slip that she made a move on Jackson before leaving. 

Richard finally accepts that Olive is dying and he and Amelia hold an AA meeting with her. 

Meredith's rat is cured, and they figure out that they never needed the polymer after all. 



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