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Meredith dreams about Ellis and Maggie and Amelia are in it. She realizes her mother is trying to give her a new idea. She spends the day working on it.

DeLuca thinks things are going well with his father. Vincenzo has an idea he wants to pitch to the chief and hopes to get funding.

Vincenzo pitches a baby in the bag concept that Alex wants agree to. Mer tells him to dig deep and reconsider. Carina is concerned about their father but DeLuca is excited about this idea and thinks his father is well.

Helen talks about jo and Alex having babies. Jo freaks out and joins Link, Nico, and Jackson on a surgery to distract herself.

Jackson talks to her about parenthood. Jo realizes she's afraid of the unknown and her lack of medical history due to being a street kid and decides to take a genealogy test.

Maggie does a podcast and accidentally reveals that she is the daughter of Richard and Ellis. She tries to walk it back, but they want more. Mer is fine but Richard is upset and feels it reflects poorly on him. Maggie tells him that she usnf some scandal and that his regret doesn't change the fact that he created her. He apologizes and tells her that she is a miracle and the best of them.both.

Nico is annoyed that Levi hasn't told his mother about them yet. Levi later confesses his love and explains that his mother ruins things and he wants to savor what they have since she tends to be overbearing. Nico tells him he loves him back.

Owen and Amelia work out a custody arrangement for Leo. They get into it again .Owen tells her that she's incapable of love and she tells him that Leo was always meant to be his.

Amelia moves back in with Mer and Jackson and Maggie are staying with her too until the loft is done.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 16 Quotes

Hi, are you in charge here? Because there is a child doctor working on my husband.

Patient's Husband

Miranda: How many?
Alex: How many what?
Miranda: Days left? Til I stop taking orders from you?
Alex: Twenty-two.