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Amelia and Link are in New York to work on the case of a boy with a severe spiral deformity. While in town, they keep up their arrangement but Amelia pulls away when he tries to get serious with her.

While at the hospital they bump into Amelia's sister Nancy who invites them over for dinner and assumes Link is Owen. Link plays along. They get out of the xinner until Nancy overhears that they have free time after their consult, so they get stuck going anyway.

Amelia prep's Link, and when they get to Nancy's house her other sister Kathleen is there too. They interrogate Link and keep making passive aggressive remarks about how much of a screwup Amelia was.

Amelia's mother arrives unexpectedly and blows the cover because she met Owen before. Amelia's sisters start talking about all the stupid things she has done, and she stands up for herself. Link defends her too and they leave.

Amelia is rude to Link and pushes him away. The next day they have to perform surgery on Jonah and she suggests a radical life threatening surgery to repair him for good. Link and Brady are hesitant but Jonas wants it and Amelia succeeds.

Jonas is fully repaired and Brady doesn't know what to do without his brother in his life to take care of.

Amelia's mom meets her at her hospital and they talk and make amends. She explains that Amelia reminded her too much of her late husband so she left Derek to watch after her. Amelia tells her about Betty.

On the plane, Amelia gives Link the doughnuts she bought for him. She apologizes and he accepts.

Later, Amelia returns home and tells her real sisters Maggie and Meredith about her trip.

Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 21 Quotes

Call mom sometime, kiddo. It's the kind thing to do.


Nancy: Amy? Oh my God. Amy!
Amelia: Nancy.
Nancy: Nancy Shepherd. Amelia's sister. You must be Owen.
Amelia: Yes, this is my husband.
Link: Nice to meet you.