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  • Maggie returns to the hospital and Tom tells her she'll be working under Teddy isntead. 
  • They find out that everyone is reporting back to the hospital after Catherine bought it. tom has to sort out the job situation. 
  • DeLuca calls in a diagnostiican to figure out what's happening with Suzanne. 
  • Lauren Riley is deaf, and she means business. She is annoyed that DeLuca misled her to get her there. 
  • DeLuca and Meredith are dating again. 
  • Amelia talks to Link again. She wants to know what he'll do if the baby isn't his. He still doesn't know. 
  • Amelia is scared that he'll leave her, and he also expresses doubts about Owen and her connection to him. 
  • She texts him and tells him that she's not doing the test right now. 
  • Jo prevously confronted Amelia about Link. But she's upset that Alex is not communicating with her. 
  • She goes home to an empty apartment and thinks that he's taking a break like she did. 
  • Mer talks to McWidow about the kids and vice versa. 
  • Levi treats an elder woman who is dying. He arranges for her to dance with her husband. 
  • He realizes the he and Nico don't have that type of love. Nico is annoyed that Levi is still staying wth him. 
  • The board makes Tom keep all of them and make everyone co-chiefs and share departments and such.
  • Bailey and Jo treat the young homeless teen that Ben brings into the hospital. Bailey make a connecton with him. 
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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 13 Quotes

You lied to me.


Patient: You don't look old enough to be a doctor.
Levi: Well, sometimes I don't feel old enough to be a doctor.