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  • Meredith is having her pro-bono surgery day and anticipating a lot of patients. It's all hands ondeck.
  • Amelia announces to Owen and Teddy that the baby is Link's. Owen is relived that things can go back to normal. 
  • Teddy treats an imate who is also a veteran who may suffer from PTSD. She connects with him. 
  • DeLuca has a young patient named Opal who comes in, and he thinks she fits the profile for a human trafficking victim. 
  • Jo is still trying to figure out what name to go by. 
  • Maggie's uncle settles the case.
  • DeLuca calls Bailey to check on the patient Cindy, and she thinks he's behaving off again and dismisses him. It puts her behind in performing on Mer's case with the woman who has been in pain for a long time and whose daughter is advocating for her. 
  • Kyle, the veteran's girlfriend Ashely comes, but he doesn't want her to see him like this. He's been suffering some things since he got back from Afghanistan. Amelia and Teddy swear to make him better. 
  • DeLuca decides to go rogue to separate Cindy from her Aunt Opal. 
  • Nico says that he's thinking about an away job, and Levi is worried abut him leaving him. 
  • Link turns down a job. 
  • Richard is still in a funk, and he turns Jackson down when he asks him to go to 
  • Mer's surgeries are seriously set back becuase of DeLuca trying to keep Opal from Cindy. When she goes looking for her, and code violet starts up. DeLuca wants Opal to be taken by security and arrested for trafficking even though Cindy didn't open up to him when he got her alone. 
  • Mer figures out that Tom did something shady to get the money 
  • DeLuca causes a scene and he gets suspended. He asks Mer to check with the database and agrees to leave after she says she'll do it and that she loves him still. 
  • Opal and Cindy leave and it turns out that she is a trafficking victim. 
  • Bailey hears from the contact number and they say to keep the suspect there and not scare them off but it's too late and they wonder if DeLuca was right. 
  • DeLuca is speeding down the highway at 100 mph on his motorcycle. 
  • Mer has all the surgeries scheduled and proposes pro bono once a month to use up Tom's blood money. 
  • Tom let's things go with Teddy, and  she tries to tell Owen the truth but doesn't. 
  • Jo invites Levi to move in with her. 
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