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  • Meredith, DeLuca and the others work long hours trying to figure out what's wrong with Richard. Maggie has doubts about DeLuca's abilities when he's overworked and not sleeping. 
  • Bailey, Catherine, and Maggie based on Tom and Amelia's diagnosis thinks that it's Alzheimers. 
  • DeLuca and Mer disagree and Maggie thinks that Mer is spiraling looking for an answer when there isn't one. 
  • DeLuca blows up on Catherine when they want to take Richard home. 
  • Mer finds out that Richard has other symptoms not aligned with Alzheimers and orders more test. 
  • Tom finds out that Teddy and Owen are moving up the wedding. 
  • A patient comes in with a bat in his chest. 
  • Tom calls Teddy out on dong a shotgun wedding to marry Owen to try and get over her feelings for Tom. 
  • Amelia's water breaks when they're taking Richard for a surgery.
  • Mer bogarts her way into surgery with Bailey. When they're about to cut into Richard, DeLuca comes in with a new theory. 
  • When Bailey dismisses him, he knocks everything over to get her attention and says that Richard could have cobalt poisioning from his hip replacement.
  • Jo is performing surgery on a young patient who wants to be able to emote more facial expressiones. She alludes to Hayes moving on with Mer. 
  • Richard's surgery goes well and they realize that the hip replacement actually has blowed the door open for lawsuits and recalls. DeLuca is proud. 
  • Hayes asks Mer for a drink but she's too tired and says another time. But then she sees DeLuca has crashed and hit a low. He doesn't know what's happening to him. She takes him home.
  • Link meets his son. 
  • While peforming surgery, Owen has Levi play a voicemail message Teddy left him. It's Teddy having sex. 
  • Later he goes to a closet to listen to it and he hears Teddy saying that the sex with Tom was a goodbye and that she's marrying Owen. 
  • When Teddy shows up for their wedding, she finds out that Owen canceled it saying he had a surgery. He didn't tell Teddy about it. 
  • Richard is fine, but he still doesn't want to be with Catherine. 
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