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Meredith has spent her time in jail and is supposed to be released. She hopes to make it home in time for trick or treating with her kids, but her paperwork is held up. 

She's annoyed that she has to spend longer in jail and is expressing why she thinks more should be done. Her cell mate eventually has enough of it, and she tells Meredith about her own experience of working two jobs as a single mother.  

Her kid called the police when she wasn't home while working a graveyard shift after her babysitter bailed, and when the cops came she freaked out about them taking her kids and accidentally touched on getting charged with assaulting a police officer. 

She didn't have the bail money to get out, so she was stuck in jail untl her hearing. Meredith paid her bail after she was released. She met up with the kids in time for Halloween festivities. 

Maggie and DeLuca were taking care of the kids. DeLuca helped Zola adjust her fairy wings, and Zola got upset and reminded him that he isn't her dad. He spends the day trying to figure out why Zola doesn't like him. 

Maggie leaves Zola with him when she has to do a surgery, and they eventually talk. She tells him that Derek was the last person to fix her wings, and Deluca tells her he isn't trying to replace her father. He tells her stories about Derek he head from others in the hospital. 

Jackson not only spent time giving DeLuca advice, but he helped treat Alex's former patient. The young girl couldn't be in UV rays without getting severe burns and got burned badly. Her mothers didn't know what happened, and eventually Jackson got it out of her. She went outside without her gear to save her cat. 

Levi gets stuck planning the Halloween party for the kids. 

Jo is off and comes to visit Alex at work dressed as a corpse. The board is there to see the hospital and Alex and Richard are trying to get more funding. 

The construction worker tells Alex that the new wing is bult on a burial ground. He sees the bones. The staff is convinced the hospital is haunted. 

There is also an incident of  patients getting bad blood because of the fridge breaking down. 

The board members overhear about the burial ground but give them money anyway because they respect Alex for handling situations with grace. 

Alex and Jo renew their vows at the courthouse dressed as vampires. 

Bailey is emotional. She works with Teddy who feels insecure about not being the perfect mom. Tom shockingly comforts them both. Tom shares with Bailey that he now hates Halloween because of his son dying before it when it was their favoirte holiday. 

Amelia meets Link's parents. They were divorced and hated each other, but they have now decided to get remarried and usurped Link and Amelia's baby news. Link is annoyed by it and Amelia comforst him. 

They try to work things out. 

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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 6 Quotes

Deluca: Hey, you need some help with that?
Zola: Don't! You're not my dad.

Jo: Seriously? You can't pretend to be scared?
Alex: Nothing is scarier than my own life.