Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Are Tom and Bailey Besties Now?

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Halloween was a blast, but most of the spooky, fun action on Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 6 happened at Pac-North.

Meredith's experience in prison was enlightening, Alex and Jo renewed their vows, and Amelia met Link's parents.

Join TV Fanatics Meaghan Frey and Jasmine Blu, and Grey's Fanatic Berea Orange as they discuss the hour.

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What were your thoughts on Meredith's stint in prison? Has she accepted that she may not get her medical license back?

Meaghan: Meredith has a history of giving up when things get tough. Remember the infamous ferry boat incident?

However, I'd like to think she has grown since then, and she will fight for what she wants. I did love her interactions with her cellmate, though. They were a highlight of the episode for sure.

Old Flames  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 6

Berea: I relished Meredith’s time in the slammer. I feel like it was really what she needed to realize how privileged she’s been throughout this scenario.

She’s complaining about getting home for Halloween when she could’ve avoided this situation entirely by just being diligent in her community service.

Meanwhile, there are single mothers out there, like her cellmate, who have real problems. I hope this changes her approach to her punishment from here.

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Jasmine: Aside from her still behaving like a privileged brat, I loved it. It's what she deserved. Her time spent with her cellmate seemed to humble her some, and she needed that.

Zola felt like DeLuca imposed on something she shared with Derek. Did DeLuca handle the Zola situation well?

Meaghan: He handled it perfectly. I'm surprised by how well he handled it.

Zola is a young girl who lost her father but was old enough to have memories of him. That makes it harder for her to accept someone new in her family's life than it is for her siblings.

His Life Now - tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 6

Berea: DeLuca did well with Zola. He seemed hurt by it at first, but once he realized those are wings her dad had sewn together he understood her pain.

It is a holiday that brings up memories for her, and her mother wasn’t around. DeLuca talking to her about her dad and how much of a legend he was was a sweet moment.

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Jasmine: He did a great job. It was something that was bound to come up in some way, and I'm glad the show touched on it. DeLuca's time with Zola was one of the sweetest moments of the installment. He held his own.

Will Bailey stop hating Tom so much now that she knows about his son? How emotional was that reveal?

Meaghan: I love Tom so much in general. I wish they would stop trying to villainize him.

Berea: I loved this interaction because I love Tom. He’s been through something terrible, and this humanizes him in a way that will likely make Bailey stop hating him. It was an extremely emotional moment, but I did enjoy the comedic relief at the end.

Glove Check - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 6

Jasmine: I agree. One of the most annoying things this season is how they tried to make Tom a villain for no good reason. I will forever and always love Tom Koracick. I do hope now that Bailey has more insight into his background, she'll ease up on him.

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I still don't understand why everyone hates him so much. I loved funny and awkward it was when Bailey started crying, but Tom has long since proven he's amazing with pregnant women, so he comforted her and barked at anyone staring to mind their business.

Do you think Link overreacted to his parents getting remarried?

Meaghan: Yes, but I'm slightly convinced that all of these doctors are forever children. They spent so much time focused on school that they never fully emotionally matured, so it isn't surprising that he overreacted.

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Berea: No, I don’t. His parents made his childhood hell after their divorce. Even his cancer-versary lunches end up being fights instead of a celebration about him.

Realistically, his reaction was to be expected. He won’t stay mad; it was just an initial reaction.

Let Them Rest - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 6

Jasmine: No. Maybe it's due to my being all-too-familiar with dealing with relatives who make everything about themselves, but Link's parents were exhausting, and he was understandably annoyed.

It was his cancer-versary, and they made it about them. Before, it was non-stop fighting. When he ran down all the things he had to deal with over the years, I could understand his frustration. TWO graduations?!

On a scale of 1- 10, how crazy were all of the problems happening at Pac North?

Meaghan: 9. Dead bodies buried on the property are just brilliant!

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Berea: 7, and that’s only because this hospital is so crazy I can’t be that surprised by what happens there anymore.

Jasmine: 8. A burial ground was wild on its own, but they also had Bad Blood. When isn't this hospital a disaster?

Jo and Alex renewed their vows. React.

Meaghan: Jo looked fantastic as a dead bride. That was pretty much the extent of my caring about that scene. I'm sorry. I probably should try to calm my Jolex disdain a tad bit.

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Berea: I mean, I’m happy they are finally officially married, but they already had a ceremony. Didn’t they just have to send in the marriage license? It was sweet though.

Thank God we don’t have another pregnancy going on.

Drafting Jo  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 6

Jasmine: LOL, Meaghan. I've come around to tolerating Jolex, so it was cute, and Jo looked adorable as a dead bride. I thought the pregnancy gag was in poor taste. What a way to troll the Jolex 'shippers!

What was your favorite moment?

Meaghan: Mer's cellmate finding out she got released from prison thanks to an anonymous donation for her bail.

As far as Halloween episodes go, this was by far one of the weakest Grey's Halloweens. Normally, I love their Halloween episodes, so I was disappointed.

Dem Bonez - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 6

Berea: Amelia and Bailey talking about their pregnancy symptoms in the beginning.

I love Bailey and how she’s dealing with the emotions of being pregnant, perimenopausal, and also still running the hospital.

The two of them bonding over hormones and random cravings were too adorable.

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Jasmine: I'm the ultimate Amelink fangirl right now, so I loved all of their scenes and how supportive Amelia was of Link. Ugh, they are just so freaking perfect!

Link: You two put me through hell with your divorce. You used me like a pawn. You made me a go-between. You made me pick sides. I spent Christmas days on an airplane so I could have breakfast with you and dinner with you. I double-majored in college, so you could go to separate graduation ceremonies. It took me years to learn how to manage parents. You two could barely sit through a lunch without tearing each other apart, and now you're getting back together? I don't even know what to say!
Amelia: I think they just want you to say you're happy.
Link: No. No, no. They don't get to tell me what to say. They gave up that right when they sat me down and told me that our family was a painful lie. Which, together or not, we will never do to our kid. Oh yeah, you're going to be grandparents. I need some air.
Amelia: Surprise!

I also loved how domestic Maggie and DeLuca were while taking care of the kids. Yes, I know the ship has sailed, capsized, and sank, but it made me miss when they were a couple. They were cute together.

Do you agree with us or disagree?

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Hit the comments below with your feeings, thoughts, an responses. 

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