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  • Meredith sees Derek on the beach again.She's much closer to him than she was last time she saw him. 
  • One of their favorite nurses is going home after battling COVID.
  • Amelia takes over Levi's teledoc call. 
  • Mer's vitals are good but she's still not staying awake.
  • Mer talks to Derek about death. 
  • Bailey is denying Jo's request to switch over. She needs surgeons right now.
  • Owen loses a patient who was on the mend. He gets emotional about it.
  • Winston, Teddy, and Richard are all trying to figure out what's happening with Mer.
  • Teddy has to operate on Mer, and Owen and Richard are worried about her.
  • Amelia does surgery on Link's patient. 
  • Teddy and winston perform surgery on MEr.
  • Teddy gets emotional when Mer doesn't wake up. Owen goes to comfort her and she tries to kiss him but he stops her. 
  • Winston suggests Zola come in to see Mer knowing that maybe that'll help her wake up. It does. Meredith wakes up after Derek's prodding. 
  • Nico asks Levi to move in with him but he avoids him and goes home with Jo. 
  • Bailey agrees to let Jo switch specialties. 
  • Amelia and Link save their patient and his future.
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Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 13 Quotes

Mer: Are you in pain?
Derek: You know the worst part was knowing that they were getting it wrong. I didn't want to leave you.

Jo: Is the sex still good?
Levi: Yeah, it's amazing.