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  • Jackson goes to see his father, Robert, and says he wants answers. 
  • He also went to see April who is overwhelmed and Harriet is sick.
  • Jackson wants to know why Catherine said Jackson was like his father. Robert puts Jackson to work slicing meat and making sandwiches for the diner. They talk about the establishment. 
  • Jackson realizes why Robert turned his back on the foundation and why he's over it.
  • Jackson talks to April about how he saw his father and he wants to take over the foundation. 
  • Jackson tells April that his father was kind after he confronte dhim about his abandoment issues and how he's messed up and cut his hand open. Robert patches him up. 
  • Jackson tells April he wants to run the foundation, but he'd have to move to Boston to do it, and he wants April and Matthew to move to Boston too so he can be near Harriett still.
  • April doesn't agree with Jackson's plan to run the foundation and accuses him of running away and being impulsive again. He reminds her that he has always had her back.
  • April tells Jackson that she'll move to Boston with him and that she split up with Matthew. He's back in Philadelphia.
  • Jackson tells his mother that he's running thefoundation. 


Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 14 Quotes

Robert: That's why you're here.
Jackson: Why?
Robert: Because. You're ready to leave it all behind.

Mr. Avery: Jackson.
Jackson: Hey, Dad.