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  • Meredith wakes up.
  • The girls from the fire on STation 19 are brought into the hospital. They recount what happened to them,and Hunt thinks it's a mix-up.
  • Richard puts Jo in charge of many of Mer's cases as Mer continues to recover.
  • Tom is slowly recovering but he's scared.
  • They get word that the kidnapper is being brought to the hospital and they have to treat him even though he's in the same place as the girls he kidnapped.
  • They have lost more patients to COVID.
  • DeLuca is happy to hear Mer's voice and that she's up and talking again.
  • Tom's roommate passes away and he gets emotional over the loss and wants to know about his family and name. He's worried about losing Grey or someone he knows, and worried about his own mortality.
  • They bring in the kidnapper, and he's still claiming that the girls broke into his house. Jackson and the others don't necessarily want to work on him, but they have no choice.
  • A woman is lurking outside of the hospital when he comes in, and she presumably lies and tells Levi that she's injured so she can enter the hospital but she appears to have ulterior motives. It's the sex trafficking lady from DeLuca's case.
  • Tom sneaks into Mer's room to spend time with her because he wants to know beating COVID is possible and he doesn't want to be surrounded by death because everyone is dying.
  • The human trafficking lady is wandering around the hospital.
  • Bailey is having a tough time at the hospital but she doesn't want to go home. DeLuca tells her how amazing she is, but that even she needs to take some time for herself since she just lost her mother.
  • Maggie is annoyed because everyone is upset about this one monster but it's a much bigger issue than that where society doesn't care enough about Black girls or women.
  • Deluca talks to Bailey about what to do to celebrate her mother.
  • Meredith overexerts herself helping a COVID patient. She takes another turn for the worse so they have to put her on the ventilator. 
  • DeLuca sees the sex trafficker woman in the parking lot and goes to follow her. Carina joins him.
  • Owen tries to open up dialgouse with Teddy but she tells him that she and Allison used to be in love and he gets annoyed that she let them name their daughter after her lover.


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Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 6 Quotes

Was the world always this messed up and we didn't have kids so we didn't pay attention?


Tom: I just want to see for myself that it's possible to beat this thing.
Mer: Almost beat it.
Tom: I really just wan to be in a room where someone isn't dying. Everyone's dying.