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  • Everyone gets notification that DeLuca's funeral is ready. 
  • Teddy keeps seeing DeLuca everywhere. 
  • Mer's vitals are good and her COVID test is negative, so they may take her off the vent. 
  • She's on the beach again with Derek. 
  • Bailey wants an autopsy for DeLuca to determine the full extent of what happened. 
  • Maggie gives Winston rights to practice at the hospital. They treat a patient Byron who is terrified of being in the hospital.
  • Levi talks about feeling guilty over DeLuca's death. 
  • Link is stressed out and Amelia is annoyed when when she find out that he's been hiding alcohol. He leaves the house to have a break. 
  • Derek talks to Mer about the kids.even though he never met Ellis, he knows her. 
  • Link goes to Jo's pl;ace to day drink with her and Jackson. 
  • Catherine comforts Richard whose faith is flailing as he tries to make sense of everything. 
  • They save Maggie and Winston's patient. 
  • Drunk Jackson, Jo, and  Link hang out together. 
  • Bailey agrees that she needs to take some time off. 
  • Mer can't come off the vent yet, but Hayes keeps talkin to her inculding on the beach. 
  • The doctors hold a memorial service for DeLuca. 
  • Teddy is not doing well and catonic. Owen carries her home. 
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