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  • It's overcrowded in Jo's apartment with Helm there. 
  • A social worker comes in to monitor baby Luna 
  • Maggie's patient needs a new heart. She jokes and wants to see Maggie's fiance. 
  • Levi is getting the vaccine for COVID. The doctors is very flirty. 
  • Amelia's patient hasn't woken up and she and Owen have to update her father. 
  • The social worker has to keep leaving for other cases but is happy that they are doing so well with her. 
  • Meredith is bored at home and everyone keeps checking on her. 
  • Levi and the vaccine doctor are flirty and Nico asks him if they're still dating. He wants to be exclusive. 
  • Link talks to Jo about her wanting to adopt Luna. 
  • Maggie and Winston keep planning their wedding and he wonders if she's trying to pospone it. 
  • Maggie's patient Gwyn gets a donor heart in. 
  • Amelia is determined to wake up her patient and save her. 
  • Link tells Amelia he wants more kids. 
  • Link plays guitar while he calls Amelia and her patient Sylar responds to it. She shows Hunt. She can communicate with Skylar though the music and Skylar hears and understands her. 
  • Mer worries that she won't be the same again. 
  • Jo announces that she wants to be Luna's mom after Luna has a scare.
  • Maggie's patient Gwyn pretends to have issues because she's not ready to leave and she considers the nurses and doctors her friends. She's been lonely since her husband was gone. 
  • Mason asks Levi out on a date. 
  • Bailey says she wants Mer to take over the residency program. 
  • Levi goes to Nico's home and tells him he wants him. Nico has a romantic night set up and they spend the night together celebrating. 
  • Jo is discouraged when the social worker says she can't adopt Luna.
  • Maggie and Winston make up. She invites his mother and her father there and they say they'll have a small wedding for just family until later. 
  • Amelia tells Owen that she doesn't want kids. He encourages her to tell Link.
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