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  • It starts off in April 2021 on the beach and flashes back to 2020 again. Meredith has her first day as residency director. 
  • A patient flirts with Owen. Teddy finds it entertaining. 
  • Jo says she'll sell her shares in the hospital and pay for a lawyer to fight for Luna and get a place to stay.
  • Hayes tells Mer he's glad she didn't die. 
  • Maggie and Winston's parents object to the wedding because they want a bigger wedding. So they agree and stop the weddng. 
  • Amelia talks to her support group about how rough of a year its been. She wishes Link could get ithow dark her thinking is. 
  • There is already a family interested in adopting Luna. Jo asks Link to foster Luna for her.
  • Teddy tests positive for COVID, and she's worried about everyone. 
  • Amelia is shocked that Link agreed to Jo's request. 
  • Gerlie,the patient who just recovered from COVID, collapses. 
  • Mer cancels rounds and uses Gerlie's post-covid pneumonia and other things to teach theresidents instead. 
  • She does surgery for Gerlie, but she gets overhwhelmed and Maggie steps in. 
  • Link gets approved for fostering, and he and Jo are excited but Amelia is still suffering silently and only talking about how miserable she is about all of this and more kids with her support group.
  • After a two-week quarantine, Owen and Teddy hook up again. 
  • At Christmas, Link wants to propose to Amelia, which he runs pass Jo, but when he goes to do it when everyone is opening presents, Owen makes it snow outside and proposes to Teddy. 
  • Mer wants to put Gerlie on the transplant list for double lungs.
  • Amelia talks to Richard. He tells her to give herself permission to not want what he wants.
  • Jo is getting custody of Luna. She sold her shares of the hospital to Tom.
  • Mer advocates that they have to do more for the patients post covid with their symptoms. She and Bailey disagree about how she's running the resiency program.
  • They all attend Maggie and Winston's wedding on the beach. Mer and Teddy get calledaway to give Gerlie her lung transplant. 
  • Link proposes to Amelia on the beach at the wedding reception, but she doesn't answer and he realizes it's a no. He goes to JO's new place (she's staying at Jackson's loft now) to stay with her.
  • Everyone leaves Maggie's reception to celebrate Mer's surgery with Gerlie.
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