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  • Merdeith is happy to get back into the OR. He envisions Ellis.
  • Link and Amelia are in couple's therapy arguing about the propsal still. 
  • Maggie and Winston return from their honemoon.
  • The hospital is full of people celebrating the fair. 
  • Mer interviews with her mother's friend David. 
  • Hayes asks Bailey to come over and bring the boys  because his sons need friends. 
  • Teddy and Owen get married in a park with Megan and Farouk there and Owen's mother and son who is in a tutu.
  • Jo fries her hair trying to dye it and falling asleep  because she's overwhelmed with the baby.
  • Link is tryhing to smile through the pain while working with Amelia.
  • Maggie, Miranda, and Hayes interview new doctors. 
  • Mer is in Minnesota because they're dedicating a lab to her mother, but David is also trying to woo her. 
  • One of the bikers, Emma, can't move her legsand she ralizes it after arguing with her wife about the accident. 
  • David tells Mer that he is developming a study for Parkinsons and he needs a doctor for the study becasue hes the patient.
  • David thinks that Mer will attract the right neurosurgeons for this 
  • Megan shares that she and Riggs broke up when Teddy and Owen are wondering if they even got married because the father never finished the ceremony. 
  • Richard interrupts an interview to give a new prospective hire privligees when he needs her to work on someone in the E.R
  • Mer sees Nick Marsh again. 
  • The priest dies because his injuries were so severe. They give the news to his niece. 
  • The new doctor finishes her interview in the OR, and she impresses everyone. 
  • Nick arranges for Mer to meet him at the bar for a drink. 
  • Nick and Meredith continue to flirt and have drins with each other. 
  • Dr. Lin tells them that their residents aren't where they should be but Richard vows to get them up to speed. 
  • Teddy and Owen get married at Joe's bar. 
  • Link tells Amelia  he still wants to marry her, but she says she doesn't want to do it. She says no again. 
  • Hayes tells Bailey that his son is having panic attacks and has been since he tried to date Mer. 
  • Jo  never makes it inside and spend the entire day in the parking lot.
  • Mer and Nick head to their rooms seperately 
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