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  • Nick leaves Mer a note under her door asking her out to dinner and she agrees. 
  • Amelia shows up to see Mer's lab and is ipressed with everything there. 
  • Webber takes over with an intense teachng of the residents. 
  • Winston has a patient who needs a transplant. 
  • Teddy seems to have trouble not feeling embarassed by Leo wearing a dress. 
  • Link and Jo tae their kids to daycare and Jo has trouble letting her go.
  • Amelia is there to check out Hamilton  and see how severe his Parkinson's is. 
  • Webber has Link judging the Resident Olympics.
  • Jo pulls a strawberry out of her patien's vagina when she complains of pain. 
  • Amelia wants to stay there and keep working. She meets Dr. Bartley and instantly connects with them and seems to have a crush.
  • Winston's patient doesn't qualify for the transplant because of her body chemistry. It implies that she can't meet the criteria as a Black woman with her clotting disorder. 
  • Winston tells Bailey about the EGFR testing that is affecting his patient getting a kidney.
  • OWen treats Sergt Young who is worried about his son. He has pulmonary thrombosis. 
  • Shmitt wins the olympics and gets to perform a solo surgery on Jos foriegn object extraction 
  • Amelia tries to convince Mer that she should take the job.
  • Megan and Owen wantt o break the rules to save  Young. 
  • Winston attempts to advocate for Rashida pleading her case to Kraus, but she refuses to listen.
  • Levi does the solo surgery with Webber overseeing him.
  • The fellow residents talk him through it when he stresses a bit. He succeeds. 
  • Mer goes on her date with Nick and he encourages her to go for it and not opt for stable or play it safe. She takes the job but negotiates her own terms. 
  • Webber and Bailey are excited about bringing joy back into the hospital for eveyrone. 
  • Owen reassures Teddy about Leo's self-expression. 
  • Winston's patient goes on the transplant list.
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Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm not interested in a band-aid. I need something that can make me feel whole again.


Perez: I thought Dr. Grey was teaching the residency program now?
Webber: Who do you think taught Dr. Grey?