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  • Link and Jo have a day off and plan to spend the day together to help him get over what happened with Amelia.
  • Maggie returns and surprises Winston.
  • Bailey is upset that Mer is stuck in Minnesota when they're trying to recruit residents into their residency program.
  • Winston and Maggie have sex and he blows off Bailey.
  • Hamilton called an emergency meeting because his Parkinson's is progressing quicker than their research and he demands more from them including surgery.
  • Mer is not happy with Hamilton going off on them.  He demands he gets the surgery and more out of them or he's pulling the plug on Meredith.
  • Link and Jo bring the babies to a play.
  • Amelia sends Mer to relax for the day while she, Kai, and the new guy do more research.
  • While watching the play, the lead Jeremy grabs his heart and collapses. Jo and Link respond to it
  • Bailey and the new doc have a hard time keeping the interest of the residents
  • Nick calls Mer in to help him a patient.
  • Amelia and Kai talk about why Kai wanted to be a clinician. They face an issue and Kai goes into a room and celebrates by yelling.
  • Jo and Link are still desperately trying to keep Jeremy alive while the ambulance takes its time getting there. They call on the parents to give them epi pens to keep Jeremy alive.
  • Winston blows off another patient for sex with Maggie.
  • Nick is too invested in the case because of his relationship with the patient who is like family to him and he challenges Mer in the OR until she kicks him  out
  • Amelia and Kai make a breakthrough and get to 92% They may be on the path towards curing Parkinson's
  • Jo jokes about the patient's best friend being in love with him, and Lnk reminds her that he used to have a crush on her. She's shocked by this revelation, and it seems to have left an impact on her.
  • Maggie shows up at the booth, and Bailey is annoyed that all the recruits are looking for swag.
  • Jo has dinner with Link, and she thinks about them being together and coyly implies it with a metaphor but it makes him think of Amelia. He wants to be with Amelia and doesn't need the marriage.
  • Nick and Mer talk.
  • Mer brings Miranda Dr. Wright who is a fan of Miranda's and wants to work under her
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Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 7 Quotes

David: Everyone knows when Meredith Grey wants something, she makes it happen.
Mer: What are you suggesting?
David: Make this surgery happen or I'm pulling the plug.
Mer: On the clinical trial?
David: On you!

If she doesn't win the Nobel Prize for what she's doing out there, I might just fire her.