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A sarcophagus is found housing an Anubis. Wu is still in the mental facility drawing pictures of the Aswang. Hank believes they should tell him, but Nick does not think Wu is ready. The rest of the group says they all trusted Nick, and that's why the Wesen world is believable. Otherwise, they aren't sure they would want to know. 

Nick and Hank go to visit Wu. Wu explains that he's not clinical just paranoid about the stories his Grandma told her about the Aswang. Wu wants to get home soon. Nick and Hank get a call to investigate the Anubis break in. Prince Viktor drugs Sebastien and wants to know the names of the resistance members. 

Meisner finds the baby outside and hears the baby's heartbeat, but Adalind says the baby's been with her the entire time. She flashbacks to her ultrasound and the doctor saying there are two heartbeats but no twins. The gang talks about the Anubis, and the gang Beati Pauli - a group of Wesen dedicated towards honoring their ancestors and keeping them from harm by whatever means necessary. 

Alexander, a member of the council, visits Monroe and Rosalee and wants to talk to the Grimm. Nick agrees to speak with him. Sebastien is water boarded for information. Juliette goes to visit Wu, and Renard wonders where Sebastien is. Juliette explains to him that what they are going through is similar, but she soon figured out that it didn't matter if it was real or not she had to lose her fear of it. 

Alexander asks Nick for a favor.  The Council usually does not get in the Beati Pauli's way, and the Anubis puts the Wesen community in danger, but killing a guard goes too far. The Council wants him stopped. Viktor gets the information he needs from Sebastien, and goes in search of Meisner and Adalind. Renard gives Mesiner a heads up about the situation. 

Monroe and Rosalee wonder how the Council found about their relationship with Nick. They follow Alexander and inform Nick where he is. Nick and Alexander come to an understanding. The council burns the body. Wu checks out of the hospital. 

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