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Six weeks after the events of the last episode, Zoe and Wade get frisky at the Rammer Jammer while everyone is preparing for the talent show. Backstage, Shelby eats some chocolates given to her by a mystery person. On stage, she suffers an allergic reaction. The town suspects it was sabotage.

Cut to earlier that day.... Zoe tells Wade that even though things have been going well, she wants to remain secretive about their relationship for a few more days. Lemon is preparing to sell Fancies. Lavon offers to give her the money she needs. Lemon doesn't accept his offer. George gives Tansy's brothers legal advice. George and Tansy catch up. She fills him in on her financial troubles. The citizens of BlueBell gather for a town meeting. Crickett tells Annabeth it's about time she gets a divorce. Lavon announces that 25,000 dollars will be added to the annual talent show as a price. George texts Tansy the news. Annabeth suggests she, Lemon, and Crickett do their "Dream Girls" routine. 

Cut back to that night... Officer Bill has gathered his suspects at the Rammer Jammer. Stuck hiding behind the bar is Wad and Zoe, naked. Lavon tells everyone Shelby will recover, but she will press charges to whomever did this to her. Officer Bill questions Rose. Wade and Zoe sneak into the backroom. Officer Bill questions Wanda. Turns out Shelby is allergic to Red Dye #40 which was in the chocolates. 

Cut to earlier that day... Wanda and Tom discuss how they really need the prize money for a barn for their goat. Crickett tells Stanley she'll do the talent show with him and then he has to give her a divorce. Brick tells Annabeth that he needs Lemon and Shelby to get along. Lemon tells Lavon she knows what he's up to with the talent show. George goes to check out Tansy's brothers' act. Turns out she told her brothers George would be their manager. Lemon and Annabeth get nervous as they watch Shelby rehearse. 

Cut back to that night... Sheriff Bill questions Tom about Wanda's whereabouts at rehearsal. Turns out their goat had eaten some of Shelby's costume and Wanda had rushed to fix it. In the backroom, Zoe and Wade bet on who did it. Sheriff Bill next questions Stanley. Annabeth keeps interrupting prompting Lemon to ask if she did it. It's revealed that Stanley was jealous of Shelby. Turns out the reason Stanley was in Shelby's dressing room was because he was secretly hooking up with Sadie. Tansy is put on the stand next.

Cut to earlier that day... Tansy reveals her brothers said they had a full proof plan to win. Also, George tells Tansy he has no left over feelings for her. George says the brothers were carrying around a mysterious package. In the town center, Wade and Zoe are caught almost kissing by Rose.

Cut back to that night... Tansy's brothers reveal they were carrying around dry ice for their act. Sheriff Bill wants to interrogate one more person: Annabeth. Annabeth reveals she left Shelby the chocolates but swears she didn't think there was any Red Dye #40 in them.

Cut to earlier that day... Lemon is panicking over Shelby's act. Shelby tells Lemon that when she wins, she'll use the money to buy Fancies and hire Lemon as the manager. Lemon storms off, and Shelby gets upset that Lemon doesn't like her.

Cut back to that night... Annabeth reveals she put the chocolates in Shelby's dressing room with a note saying they were from Lemon in order to get them to get along. The note was missing because the goat probably ate it. George suggests they run a test to see if the chocolates even contained the red dye #40. Zoe tells Wade she has to pee but still refuses for them to leave the backroom. After the test, it turns out the chocolates never contained the red dye #40. Still, Sheriff Bill makes everyone stay and wants to question Lemon. Lemon had told Lavon she may lose Fancies forever because of his meddling. Zoe threatens to pee in a mop bucket. Wade asks her why she won't tell everyone about them. She's scared about all the questions everyone will ask them. Lemon swears she didn't poison Shelby. George decides to take over questioning. While Wade is trying to reassure her everything will be fine, Zoe figures out who gave Shelby the red dye. Lemon thinks back to earlier that day where Lavon professes his love for her. Zoe comes out and reveals it was Rose. She inadvertently poisoning Shelby with the residue of a cheese snack that was on her fingers when she handled Shelby's microphone. Zoe also tells everyone she and Wade are back together, she's pregnant. 

Later that night... Shelby wins the talent show. She gives the money to Lemon. Lavon asks Lemon if Annabeth weren't a factor, would she feel the same way about him. She says there is an Annabeth, so there's no point. Wade and Zoe stand strong as everyone begins to bombard them with questions. 


Hart of Dixie
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Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Wade: Since when are radio plays fun?
Zoe: Since this is a mystery, and Wanda is the leading suspect. NCIS: BlueBell.

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Zoe: Hey you know what, I'm happy.
Wade: Good, 'cause I worked pretty damn hard last night to put that smile on your face.
Zoe: Shut up you bonehead.