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Audrey ends up in an alternate version of Haven that has never seen any of the Troubles of the original and must decide whether to change it back. or leave it be.

A volcano erupts in Haven because of how William has affected the Troubles.

Audrey wakes up in her PJs, in an unfurnished apartment above a bait shop that was formerly the Grey Gull. She hits the road barefoot and runs into Duke, who is now a Haven police officer, but knows nothing about Audrey Parker.

Vince and Dave think Audrey is a homeless person and tell her there has never been any trouble in Haven.

After getting a checkup in the hospital and learning from Duke there is no Nathan Wournos in Haven, she is ushered into another room where she meets Dr. Nathan Hansen. Since Nathan can feel, he pursued medicine.

Nathan has a wife and daughter in the alternate Haven.

William tells Audrey that he needs the old Haven in order for her to remember who she really is, and if she helps him it will be less painful for everybody, but he's willing to use the painful route to get what he wants. He also tells her she likes and needs the Troubles.

Duke did some recon on Audrey Parker and found her in the FBI, but it wasn't her, so he wonders why she's so certain things are going to go wrong.

William murders Vince and Dave as the first step to get Audrey to help him get the old Haven back. It's their first murder in 45 years. 

William planted one of Audrey's hairs at the murder scene and Duke arrested her.

Duke and Nathan meet for the first time at the second murder scene. Nathan likes to joke around and reminds Duke of when they first met, when Duke stole his lunchbox in the third grade.

William shows up at the jail as Audrey's attorney to give her another chance to join him, but she turns him down. Shortly thereafter Nathan's family goes missing.

Audrey's hold time was up and Haven PD releases her. When she goes to Nathan's house, he hands her the phone with an active call from his wife - and William is on the other end.

Audrey finds Cliff. It was his wife who was killed in the volcano. His Trouble is wishes come true. He wished the Troubles would go away after his wife died and they did. 

Nathan doesn't trust Audrey to help him and drives away with Cliff.

William shoots Duke and tells Audrey she created the Troubles. She's sent back again and again because she's being punished. He knows because they created them together.

Nathan comes up and tells him to drop the gun and he shoots Cliff, sending them back to the normal Haven, where William has already killed Cliff.

Audrey, Duke and Nathan track down William and he starts to tell them about what he and Audrey did together by telling them that they are so connected. Then Duke shoots him. When he shoots William, Audrey is shot, as well.


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There's a Trouble in your bed, and I think we should check it out.