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Bikini beauties rob a tour bus and one of them gets into a tussle with a passenger and ends up killing him. Turns out they’ve been at it a while, but have never hurt someone before but things get more suspicious when it becomes clear that they were after the victim specifically.

Meanwhile Danny goes after Reyes and demands to see his brother, but gets nowhere. Reyes only promises that if he doesn’t get his money in three days, Danny will get Matthew’s head in a box.

Fong tracks down surf wax used by the lady robbers, which leaves Kono having to don a bikini to go undercover and check it out.

Jerry is still after his supposed counterfeiter, but no matter how much evidence he thinks he has, Steve says there’s still nothing real on the guy and tells him to drop it.

Turns out victim’s wife is dead, the fake wife (Vanessa) shows up in the morgue to claim Wagner’s body. She took his thumb print to access something, but they don’t know what.

Kono goes surfing and brings in one of the girls, while Grover and Chin bring in the cousin, who flips on the other girls. They get to their house and get into a shootout, but they only find Vanessa, who gets away.

Jerry gives Kamekona a book with a bug in it and asks him to sell it to the antique book store so can get more proof of counterfeiting. He tells Kamekona a story about his dad getting paid off to keep his mouth shut and how it ate away at him and he doesn’t want that to be him.

Vanessa finds the other two girls and shoots one before she can get what she wants, the team is there and after a brief standoff, she gives herself up. It turned out Wagner kept bank codes on his phone and the only way into it was with his thumb print. She was going to steal millions. As for the girls, they all end up in jail.

Steve tells Jerry he called in a favor and had them run Thomas Farrow’s name, but he came out clean. Jerry seems to take the news okay, but he still has Kamekona place the bug in the store.

Finally, Danny calls Steve and says he thinks Reyes’ money does exist and it’s on the island. He got a post card from his brother a while ago and thinks it’s a clue to where the money is. Danny is already at the spot, so he starts digging a bunch of holes and sure enough, he finds it.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

He doesn’t know Danny. If this thing is real, Reyes is going to wish they never met.


Are you trying to confuse me? I’m angry, you want to make me more angry?