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With Annalise spiraling a bit and Sam's sister Hannah looking for answers, Annalise decides to take on a new case. A wife name Jackie, claims that her husband is keeping two girls hostage in their basement.

As she can't get pregnant, the husband brought the two women home to rape them and impregnate them. Jackie is looking for a plea deal, claiming that she always took care of them. At trial, the kidnapped girls reveal that before the husband would rape them, Jackie drugged them. 

Jackie explains that she drugged them so they would forget the encounters. Later, Wes deduces that a child of one of the girls Jackie said died, was actually alive and being raised by Jackie. Jackie confirms her existence but won't tell Annalise where the child is located until she gets her plea deal. 

Annalise lies and tells Jackie she secured her plea deal, so the little girl can be rescued. Afterwards, she resigns as Jackie's lawyer. 

Flashbacks show Annalise and the students over the Christmas holiday. Wes is having recurring nightmares, while Aiden asks Michaela to postpone the wedding, as he is disturbed by her odd behavior. 

In the end, Hannah confronts Annalise about what really happened to Sam and she tells him how she tried to cover for him when she first found out about his affair with Lila. 

Rebecca shows Wes a news clip that reveals Sam's remains have been found. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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