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New evidence comes out that proclaims to prove that Rebecca and Griffin had sex the night of Lila's murder. Annalise asks the court to implement a gag order, as she is worried how to public will perceive Rebecca. 

The gag order is put in place but Griffin's lawyer, Mr. Keegan, brings forth a motion to exhume Lila's body, claiming that wound marks found on her neck were fingernail punctures from Rebecca. 

The team works to discredit Keegan's expert witness and they get help from the D.A. With the witness discredited and their own witness claiming the marks are bug bites, Annalise gets Frank and Laurel to convince Lila's mother to speak out against the exhumation. 

Mrs. Stangard does speak out, but before a decision is reached the D.A. informs the court that she has her own expert who will testify that the wounds were fingernail punctures. 

Annalise and the team are tasked with finding out why the D.A. would turn on them and they realize it's because she has made a plea deal with Keegan. To negate the plea agreement, Rebecca breaks the gag order. However, the court still decides to exhume the body. 

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Wes get closer and eventually give in to their desires. 

After the exhumation, Bonnie reveals to Annalise and Sam that Lila was six weeks pregnant. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Annalise: Rebecca, take this prep seriously or go to jail.
Rebecca: Isn't it kinda your job to make sure that doesn't happen?
Annalise: You slut, white trash killer. You made Griffin strangle that girl on the roof. You liked watching her die because that's the piece of garbage you are. That's what everyone in the world is going to say about you. You don't care, neither do I. I'm not the one that's going to be beaten, raped and violated in jail. That's on you.

You still feel like making jokes now?

Annalise [to Rebecca]