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Annalise and her students take on new client Paula Murphy, who was arrested for having sexual relations in a park. After getting her freed, they are surprised to learn her actual name is Elena and she is a fugitive, wanted in connection to a bombing that killed a man. 

Paula admits that she did have a part in the bombing, as she was part of an anti-globalization group. Annalise decides to go for a mind control defense, alleging that the leader of the group influenced Paula to go along with the bombing. 

Annalise and Paula meet with the leader Gabriel and he tells them that he will say whatever they would like him to say on the stand. When he is called to the stand, by the prosecution, he tells the court that the bombing was Paula's idea. On cross examination, Gabriel admits that the prosecution promised him early release for his testimony.

While the group reconvenes to come up with a new strategy, Paula disappears and runs away with Gabriel. 

Meanwhile, Nate investigates Sam's alibi for the night of Lila's murder. Although his alibi does not check out, he lies to Annalise and tells her it does. 

Michaela learns that her fiance Aiden and Connor were boarding school friends. Connor also admits to her that the two had a tryst while in school. 

Wes looks to protects Rebecca, even posing as a lawyer to help her. She rejects his help, but his determination convinces Annalise to take Rebecca on as a client. 

In the flash forwards, we see that the group decides to use the campus bonfire as their alibi for the night. Michaela also realizes her engagement ring is missing after they burn the body. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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