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After Rebecca's confession, bail is set for 1 million dollars. Rebecca insists she is innocent and that the reason she confessed was because she just wanted to go home. They aren't privy to the confession tape and Annalise enlists Bonnie to track it down.

Meanwhile, Annalise gets a new client in Marren Trudeau, a CEO of a major brokerage firm who has been arrested for insider trading. She claims her innocence and Annalise has the students talk to various employees to figure out who set her up. 

Connor gets chummy with Marren's assistant Paxton and after a tryst, he records him on the phone with someone else in the office. The phone call reveals that he and someone else are working against Marren. 

When they confront Paxton, he admits to wanting more for himself and then he commits suicide. The team soon discovers that two other employees were in on the plan to bring Marren down and Annalise gets them to confess. 

After witnessing Nate break into Sam's car, Bonnie is able to use this information to blackmail the police into giving her Rebecca's confession tape. Annalise is able to convince the judge that Rebecca may have been coerced into her confession and the judge sets her bail at $100,000 which the team is able to come up with. 

With Rebecca free, Wes asks her about Lila's cell phone that she left behind. Wes in turn gives it Annalise.

Annalise confronts Sam with the phone, which has naked pictures of him on it.  


How to Get Away with Murder
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