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Annalise defends teenager Ryan, who is being accused of fatally shooting his abusive father. Ryan shows little remorse for the crime, insisting that it was done to protect his mother who was constantly abused. 

Annalise decides their best shot at winning the case is to get a sympathetic jury. However, once the trial starts they are told they will be unable to use Ryan's blog, which detailed his father's abuse, as evidence. 

The are able to get a witness to mention the blog during cross examination, which leads to them being able to use the blog. They also use the testimony of Ryan's mother, but by the end of the trial it is unclear if they will win.

Laurel's new boyfriend had previously told her about jury nullification, which means the jury has the legal right to vote with their heart, regardless of the evidence. It is illegal to tell the jury this, so Laurel prints out a copy explaining what it means and leaves it for a juror to find. 

When it is brought to the attention of the court a mistrial is called and Ryan is set free. 

Elsewhere, Annalise and Sam continue to fight over his relationship with Lila. He claims that she pursued him and that it was just a physical thing. 

Nate comes clean to Annalise after finding out he's been fired and tells her that Sam's alibi didn't check out. Sam explains that he came back to Philadelphia because Lila was threatening to hurt herself but he was never able to find her. 

Annalise informs Wes and Rebecca that she doesn't want to use the phone, causing Wes to become suspicious. 

Later, Annalise has Sam analyze Rebecca to see what she knows about his affair with Lila. She doesn't know know Sam's identity, but she does believe that Lila's lover is her killer. 

She eventually leaves town, telling Wes to check the wallpaper in Annalise's bathroom. He goes to her house and confronts Annalise with the truth, that the naked picture on Lila's phone was taken in her bathroom.

In the flash forwards, we learn that Laurel and Frank were sleeping together. After she volunteers to return the trophy to Asher after they dispose of Sam's body, she decides to visit Frank instead. 


How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Annalise: Did you love her?
Sam: No. It was her, she was persistent. She kept coming to me about her family, about her boyfriend. Annie, she was just lost.
Annalise: Just like you found me.
Sam: No.
Annalise: That's how you like your mistresses, huh? Weak, broken, messes that you just clean up.

Somebody woke up in the mood to fight this morning.

Annalise [to Laurel]