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Annalise receives a call from Nate's wife, Nia, who asks for her help in ending her life. She tasks Annalise with reaching out to Frank to obtain some pills that Nia can take to die peacefully. Eventually, Annalise declines to help her. 

The team takes on a case of a teenager who was killed by her friends. Her best friend, Zoe, claims that she was coerced into the killing by two other girls. 

Annalise tasks Michaela with prepping Caleb and Catherine for trial. She believes Caleb's innocence and later they have Catherine take a test to prove she is a virgin. 

Asher makes a deal with Sinclair, turning over evidence against Annalise.

Laurel begins to suspect Zoe may be a sociopath and she steals her phone. They find an incriminating video on her phone showing the girls mocking the killing and talking about killing again. Annalise orders that the video be destroyed but it reappears at court. 

While one of the girls is on the stand, Zoe has a breakdown and reveals herself to be not well. Annalise soon figures out that Connor was the one that leaked the video and she threatens him. 

Nate tells Wes that the night Rebecca went missing, Frank called a lady three times. Levi tracks the woman and finds out her brother is an old friend of Frank's who works at a cemetery. 

In the flash forwards, Annalise is rushed to the hospital. Nate and the students stop at an apartment and Michaela goes inside. She opens a door to see Caleb who asks her if someone is alright. 


How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Annalise strikes again. Nothing like burning babies when you want to sway the jury.


Nia: I thought about you a lot. I thought what could of woman could be with a man when his wife is dying. That's not a judgement. I admire your strength. Do you love him?
Annalise: I don't know how to answer that.