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Flash forward: The students run out of the mansion, past the prosecutors body, leaving Annalise bleeding out. Her phone rings as she struggle for breath; it's Nate. She can't reach the phone on the table and he leaves her a message.

Annalise goes over the Hapstall case alone at her house while she drinks. She gets an email from Eve. She struggles to get up the stairs, and passes out face down on her bed. She's awoken by a noise, and heads downstairs armed with a glass vase. In the basement, she finds ......

She calls Wes over when Frank doesn't pick up. He kills a rat with a hammer. They discuss their relative loneliness before he leaves. She sends him home. 

In class, Annalise gives a lecture on the relation of sex to criminal law. Cut to Michaela throwing the mysterious man out of her bed, then back to the lecture. Cut to Asher showing up at Bonnie's apartment. Back to the lecture about the heat of passion, and cut to Oliver and Connor having breakfast together. Frank and Laurel have an encounter at the courthouse.

At the courthouse, the students discuss the latest client, a sex therapist who had a patient die from a heart attack during a treatment. The prosecutor reveals that Tonya had sex with the loan officer. The judge upholds Annalise's objection and instructs the jury to disregard, but clearly damage has been done. 

Tonya wants to be put on the stand but Annalise won't let her. She wants the list with the rest of the clients at the event when the victim died. The students interview the clients, but they are either unwilling to testify or unable to offer anything that would help. Annalise is upset that they failed.

Annalise confronts the Hapstall's with the tabloid cover depicting the two siblings as having a romantic relationship. They deny the accusation.  

 The students discuss the siblings, and then conversation turns to their own sex lives. It's revealed that Michaela hasn't had an orgasm. Annalise is upset to find them gossiping. Conner and Michaela head to the sex party to try and find a witness.  

Annalise asks Frank for an update on Nate, which he gives after telling her the recorder she uses to make notes wasn't on her desk that morning. After hearing that Nate hasn't been reinstated to the force, she takes Tonya's ledger and adds the chief of police's daughter's name in order to blackmail him. 

The client tries to convince Michaela to stay, and Michaela pushes her to testify. It comes out that Tonya switched cards with the woman that night, ensuring that she  would partner with the dead man. Annalise is not pleased to find out that Tonya lied to her. Tonya reveals that she loved the dead man and that is why she switched cards. 

Tonya explains how she and Dominic fell in love, but he wouldn't leave his wife. She used nitroglycerin, hoping to reveal the affair so that his wife would leave him, but combined with the viagra he was using, he suffered a heart attack.

Frank takes Laurel on a stakeout where she grills him about his family and his life. He rushes through the details about himself and accuses her of only wanting to know the good things. He clams up before revealing anything too negative. 

Asher meets with Emily Sinclair to get back the recorder he took from Annalise's house. She tries to blackmail him into continuing his spying for her.

At the courthouse, Annalise stands up and says that Dominic was indeed murdered. 

In conference with the judge, Annalise reveals she has physical evidence that it was murder not negligent manslaughter. She implicates the widow as the true murderer. The wife knew that Dominic was taking viagra despite the fact that they hadn't been intimate for a year. Annalise goes after her hard, and the jury finds Tonya not guilty. Tonya is upset with Annalise's tactics, but Annalise is unrepentant. 

Bonnie comes upon Asher texting and asks him if it's the woman he's seeing. He makes some excuse about a girl he met at the library and they end things rather amicably.

Tonya sends a basket of sex toys to the office. Connor passes around a picture of Michaela's new boyfriend Levi, and Wes recognizes him as one of Rebecca's friends. He confronts Levi outside of Michaela's place. Levi is Rebecca's foster brother; he's looking for her but thinks that she's dead. Levi thinks that Annalise killed her. Wes warns him to stay away from Micheala, but says he won't reveal Levi because he also wants to know what happened to Rebecca. 

Bonnie and Laurel go out for drinks where she admits to the affair with Asher. Laurel tries to get info about Frank out of Bonnie, but Bonnie evades answering.

Frank gives the recorder he "found" back to Annalise. He tells her that the housekeeper leaked the photo to the press. Ms Guthrie believes that the Hapstall siblings are guilty of incest and of murder. 

Annalise is making notes in her recorder and she finds the basket from Tonya. 

Connor and Oliver celebrate the end of their enforced celibacy and Connor tells him about the sex party. 

Annalise goes through her closet looking for the right outfit.

Michaela seduces Levi.

Asher waits for his father at the courthouse, and tells him he's in trouble, that it's about some girl named Tiffany.

Annalise knocks on Nate's door, but he's upset that she got her job back. She admits that everything she's done was because she misses him. He tells her to go home, that he needs more time. After the door closes, it's revealed that Wes in on the other side, working with Nate.

Flashforward: The students hide in a ditch as a police car approaches. It's Nate, and he tells them to get in the car. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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