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After a night together, Laurel goes through Frank's belongings in an effort to get more information on what happened to Rebecca. 

After Annalise and Asher's chat, Asher decides not to admit Bonnie's guilt in Sam's murder. Annalise doesn't tell Bonnie that she showed Asher the video and she swears Asher to secrecy. 

Annalise gets a new case when an old friend calls and says she murdered her husband. After their conversation, Annalise goes to her and realizes that she has planted the scene to look like it was self defense. The detective and DA are accusing Jill of killing her husband because he found out she was transgender. Jill insists he knew and also reveals that he has been beating her for years. 

In exchange for throwing out Jill's case and getting Sinclair to pack off Annalise, Annalise gives the DA evidence to convict Asher's father of conspiracy. 

The students try to find a new suspect in the Hapstall murder and after hacking the adoption agency the siblings came from, they discover their aunt had a mystery son that lived close by and would stand to inherit a lot of money if the Hapstall's died. Oliver hacks into the cousin's computer, but the cousin has also hacked into Oliver's computer and can see and hear his conversations. 

Annalise hears that Nate's wife has died and she goes to him but he rebuffs her. 

Wes sees Annalise at Nate's apartment and later she goes to him and tries to convince him that she doesn't know where Rebecca is.

Meanwhile, Frank is seen dumping Rebecca's body in the woods. 

In the flash forwards, Frank is seen at the hospital pleading with the doctors to save Annalise. When he leaves, his demeanor changes and he gets into his car and we see Catherine slumped over in his backseat. He later takes her body to a wooded area and leaves her. She is discovered by police soon after, alive. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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