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Bonnie returned and revealed that Frank killed Mahoney and that they could use it to save Wes, but Annalise was against it as Frank could bring up everything from the past. 

Annalise told Wes to stay put at the mansion, but he tried to resist. Eventually, she threatened him, telling him he would end up locked up like Rebecca. 

Bonnie tried to get back on Annalise's good side, but she was very against her because the whole sleeping with Frank thing.

Bonnie found a lawyer who could help Wes, but Annalise took a while to agree to use him. 

Laurel and Wes slept together when Wes finally escaped the mansion. 

When Laurel woke up, it was all over the news that Mahoney's son had handed himself in, but Wes was sitting in her livingroom. 

Connor got upset when Oliver started dating because the whole point in them breaking up was because Oliver needed space. 

Oliver went on the date and had such a good time, he took the dude home with him. 

tensions flared up when Connor revealed to Wes that he blamed him for everything. 

Michaela and Asher tried to figure out what they meant to each other and it resulted in them becoming official. 

It was also revealed that Asher was alive in the future. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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