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Bonnie tried to find a way to get Annalise out of jail, but she was shocked to learn that Frank was in custody for murder. 

The police did not believe him until he told them to check the CCTV footage of him picking Wes up. 

He then tried to say he was jealous of Wes being with Laurel and her being pregnant. Laurel was then forced to lie when the cops showed up at the hospital. 

Meggie heard this and Laurel told her to stay away from her because they are not friends. Meggie left and Laurel voiced her concern to the Keating 4 that she could be up to something. 

Michaela went crazy when she learned that Oliver knew everything about the murders and threatened him.

In flashbacks, we found out that Bonnie had Frank tail Wes when he found out about Rebecca being murdered, making it look like Bonnie could have orchestrated the murder. 

Frank was charged, but as a co-conspiritor. Annalise accepted defeat and returned to her bed, before cutting all of her hair off. 

The kids met with the dean, who wanted to give them help, but Michaela said Annalise needed the help, not them. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Nate: I haven't been back at the hospital since I lost my wife to ovarian cancer. The hardest thing is losing someone too soon.
Laurel: You still work for the DA?

I killed Wes. Tell Annalise I'm sorry.