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Everyone was shocked by Wes' death, but Bonnie went straight into action and tried to find a way to save her boss from Renee. She pushed for bail, but this proved impossible. 

There was someone informing on Annalise, preventing them from getting a fair trial. 

Connor was rude and said he did not care that Wes was dead, prompting Asher to attack him. Michaela flipped out at the pair and told them to get it together. 

Laurel woke up in the hospital, screaming for Wes. It was confirmed that he was the father of her baby, but Frank showed up. She told him that she would never love him the way she loved Wes and that he should just leave for good.

Bonnie tried to talk Frank down, but he seemed intent on taking the fall. 

Bonnie turned to Nate for help, but he was defiant and offered her immunity to turn on Annalise. She refused and he then found out that Wes died from asphyxiation. 

Connor told Oliver about sleeping with Thomas, but Oliver stayed with him to make sure he got better. 

Connor and Asher made up and Michaela was ecstatic, but she was concerned that her mother left. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Connor: What's going on, Ollie?
Oliver: Annalise asked me to delete everything on her phone last night, before I knew Wes was dead. That means she did this, right?
Connor: No.
Oliver: You told Bonnie you thought she did it.
Connor: Yeah, I was wrong. She's being framed.
Oliver: I think maybe you're lying to me the same way you lied about the bonfire. Sam Keating went missing that night, his remains were found a few weeks later. Did you all do that?

Bonnie: Your bail hearing is tomorrow at two. I called Helen Hughes. She wants the case. Eve would be a conflict of interest.
Annalise: Everyone's a conflict of interest.