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Annalise learned that Isaac relapsed, and she tried to help him. However, things took a wild turn when Annalise learned Isaac's daughter Stella, died with the same drugs in her system. 

Annalise learned that Isaac returned home and his daughter was already dead, so he sent a text from her phone to Jacqueline to try and make it look like a suicide. 

This was too much for Annalise to take, but she was shocked Bonnie managed to get the case dropped after telling Denver she knew everything. 

In the end, Annalise called Jacqueline and told her to ask Isaac the truth. 

Elsewhere, the class action continued to gather steam as it got its day in court. However, the state wanted to review it, and subsequently declined. 

Annalise then found out from Michaela that she should take it to U.S. level, so she went to meet Olivia Pope from Scandal to get help. 

Frank continued to investigate Sandrine and learned that she was keeping in contact with Jorge. However, this was all put down to her trying to get the kid back. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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