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Bonnie tells Frank about Miller's murder. 

At Annalise's apartment, Gabriel looks for answers about Sam's death, leading Annalise to remember the events that happened after she lost her baby.

In flashbacks, Annalise looks to adopt Christophe after the tragedy, leading Sam to give her an ultimatum. Annalise chooses to go forward with the adoption and Sam leaves under the guise that he is visiting family. In actuality, he goes to see Gabriel's mother Vivian in hopes of meeting Gabriel. 

Gabriel's grandmother tells him to leave but he still encounters Gabriel in the hallway of the apartment building briefly.

Elsewhere, Annalise passes out and is found by Bonnie who takes her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Eve visits Frank and gives him a copy of an email Sam had sent to Vivian asking to be a part of Gabriel's life. He tells Sam to forget about his old life and concentrate on Annalise. 

In the present day, Laurel tells Michaela, Asher, Connor, and Oliver about Gabriel and his ties to Annalise. 

Nate contacts Bonnie and Frank picks him up after he disposes of Miller's body. 

Eve visits Annalise and shows her the email Sam sent to Vivian. 


How to Get Away with Murder
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