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Bonnie, Laurel, and Frank watch Gabriel on the computer and Bonnie and Frank warn Laurel not to say anything to Annalise about Gabriel. 

The night before the wedding, everyone gathers to toast to Connor and Oliver. 

Annalise calls Bonnie to her apartment and asks her to ask Miller who he called to get Nate Senior's transfer date to the hospital moved up. Bonnie also tells Nate that Annalise has been drinking again.

Michaela asks Oliver to hack the phone of the prison warden at Nate Senior's prison. He discovers that on the day of Nate Senior's death, there was a call from an unlisted number and right after the warden called his chief correctional office. Nate then gets someone to figure out where the call came from. 

Connor and Oliver get married in a beautiful ceremony, with Annalise leaving in the middle to drink in the bathroom. 

At the reception, Gabriel catches Annalise drinking in the church and Nate receives a call from his contact who sends him a video to his email. 

The video shows that the call to the warden was made by Miller. Prior to this, Bonnie came to the realization that she had to chose between Miller and Annalise and processed that Miller may have been responsible for Nate Senior's death. 

Miller approaches Bonnie in the parking lot of the wedding but she accuses him of aiding in the murder and goes back inside. He decides to go after her but runs into Nate who accuses him of helping the governor murder his father and then beats his head in. 

Once Bonnie realizes that Nate and Miller are outside together, she arrives too late and sees Miller dying. She suffocates him and then instructs Nate on how to get rid of the body. 

Elsewhere, Frank searches Gabriel's apartment and discovers a birth certificate. He takes it to Annalise at the wedding and reveals that Gabriel is Sam's son. 

Back at her apartment, Gabriel is there waiting for Annalise. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Bonnie: So, you don't care about the adoption coming out? Why risk it? You just got back on your feet.
Annalise: That's cuz I fought for my life. And you better damn well know I'm gonna keep going.

Just so you know, I will have your back at the wedding. Us single girls, we gotta stick together.

Pam [to Asher]