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One month has passed since Nate Senior's death and the inquiry finds the homicide to be justifiable. Annalise goes to the governor to push her for an inquest, but she refuses because she thinks it will bring bad press to the project. 

Connor and Oliver meet with the pastor at the church they are getting married at. 

Annalise goes to Tegan with her theory that the Governor played her and asks her to find something on Emmett's misconduct so she can get back into the law firm. 

Nate goes to Miller and asks him to initiate an inquest into his father's death and he does. During the inquest, the team finds out that one of the guards involved in the killing was abusive towards her husband but Miller is unable to prove for sure that she was the one who assaulted her husband. Annalise suggest she take the stand. 

Governor Birkhead tells Annalise that due to the negative press involving the inquest, she can no longer go forward with the project. When Annalise threatens to come after her, she tells Annalise that she knows about the adoption. 

Bonnie visits Annalise and finds out that she's drinking again.

Miller puts Annalise on the stand and she gives an impassioned plea about the injustice inflicted upon black men in the United States, but the jury is unmoved and finds no criminal negligence. 

Tegan finds dirt on Emmett's misconduct and Annalise goes to Emmett and tells him that she will help him beat the charges in exchange for her job back and he agrees. 

Keating's students go out to celebrate Oliver and Connor's upcoming wedding and when a man calls the couple a derogatory term, he and Connor exchange blows. 

Michaela stops by Gabriel's and the two hook up, while Laurel and Frank watch and she tells him he has to tell Annalise who Gabriel is. 

The flashforward shows Bonnie stumbling away from a bloodsoaked body in the snow and towards a person, telling them to take the body and leave. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Annalise: The governor played me.
Tegan: How?
Annalise: She made me take a job that she had no intention of following through on.

Connor: No, I am too depressed to be pretend religious today.
Michaela: Amen.