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In the flashforward, Miller is in his car at the wedding with an engagement ring and he asks Bonnie to meet him outside. 

In the present, Oliver and Connor and their moms, Joanna and Pam, visit wedding venues. Oliver's mom offers to give them money but Connor declines. Later, Connor tells Oliver that he has to tell his mom about his HIV diagnosis, which he eventually does. Joanna then talks to Connor about giving Oliver his dream wedding and Connor calls his father. 

Tegan takes on the case of a diet pill company being sued and makes Laurel the point person. She comes up with an effective strategy for settlement which Tegan accepts. 

Bonnie stays at Julie's to gather more information and at first, Julie tells her that the baby was sold after she took him from the hospital. After Frank records Julie talking at an NA meeting, Bonnie goes back to Julie and she admits to killing the baby. 

Annalise meets with Governor Birkhead and she offers her a job to head up a bill that would allow her to allocate funds for public defenders and draft a bill that would decrease the prison population in the state by 50%. Annalise mulls over the offer and goes back to the governor asking for a pardon for Nate Sr. Annalise accepts the job believing him to be pardoned, but prior to this Nate Sr. is shot in the head and killed while being transported. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

You work with Annalise every day. You can easily handle my mother.

Oliver [to Connor]

Your family almost destroyed this firm. That's why we have to take low rent accounts like Gut Suckers. It's about time you paid us all back.

Tegan [to Laurel]