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Annalise brings her class together to do an autopsy of the Nate Sr. case, as a way to analyze where they went wrong during the trial. 

The episode then flashes back to a week earlier and the start of the trial, flipping back and forth through the two time periods throughout. 

The trial begins with Nate on the stand and Annalise is thrown off when the prosecution produces a letter that Nate wrote when he was 14 to the parole board stating that he felt safer with his father in jail. 

Michaela goes to Asher and gets him to dig up information on the prosecutions psych expert and Annalise is able to get his testimony thrown out once it's discovered that he has been hired by the governor.

Nate Sr. goes on the stand and gives a powerful testimony that is derailed during the cross-examination. Annalise asks her team what chance she has to win the trial and they all agree that a mistrial is her best option. Annalise decides not to go that route and gives a closing testimony that implores the jury to take one moment in silence, imagining what Nate Sr. went through during all his time in solitary. 

Annalise wins her case, as Nate Sr. is found not guilty by reason of insanity. 

Elsewhere, Bonnie struggles with the news about her baby, eventually confiding in Miler who takes her to Julie's house.

The flashforward shows Asher in the parking lot with Connor's mother.

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

This is a law school, not daycare.


Nate: All I was trying to do was help you.
Bonnie: You ripped open the part of my life that I killed myself to get past. And I got past it. I was good. But now.
Nate: What can I do?
Nate: Well. that's the problem. You did what you did and now I'm left with it. It's always me that's left with it.