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Annalise and Nate discuss whether or not she should tell Bonnie that her child was still alive after she gave birth. 

Miller asks Bonnie to sign a paper for the HR department so they can date publicly. 

The team works on Nate Sr. case, with the goal to find evidence to suggest that he was criminally insane when he committed murder. He also has to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. 

Oliver confronts Frank about looking into Gabriel and Frank tells him that he looks into all of Annalise's students. Oliver later finds that Gabriel assaulted a doctor. 

C&G courts Ruth Stevenson, the CEO of a burger chain that is being boycotted due to racist accusations. After she insults Annalise, Tegan comes up with a plan and get her on board as a client. 

Nate Sr. passes the psychiatric evaluation, which means Annalise can go before a judge to argue criminal insanity. She picks Connor as her second chair, but after he confronts her about her various lies, she chooses Gabriel instead. 

In the end, Annalise tells Bonnie about her child. 

In the flashforwards, everyone is still looking for Oliver and Michaela calls Nate's phone and it's revealed that Bonnie has it. Annalise is also shown entering her apartment and collapsing on the floor in tears. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Annalise: She doesn't want to know any of this.
Nate: How do you know that?
Annalise: I don't. But you don't have a right to mess with anyone else's trauma.

You can't run from it. You gotta tell her.

Nate [to Annalise]