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Annalise and Emmett are trying the case of a CEO accused of killing one of his business partners. When his alibi is put on the stand by the prosecution and claims that she was scared of her boss and doesn't remember where he was the night of the murder, Emmett goes against Annalise's wishes and opts to put the CEO on the stand.

Later, Oliver finds information that the CEO's wife was having an affair with the business partner and the CEO admits that she is the one who actually killed him. The CEO refuses to turn on his wife and Annalise and Emmett decide to get the alibi to try on the belt, showing that the belt was more likely to be hers than her bosses. Even with that, the jury finds him guilty. 

Asher tells Miller what moves Annalise will be making next in the case and also reveals that he used to date Bonnie, causing a rift in their budding relationship. 

Nate visits the nurse who last saw the missing child alive and she IDs Bonnie as the woman who took the child 

Frank breaks into Gabriel's apartment and discovers an ID with Gabriel's picture and the name 'Mark Jackson'. He also gets a man to hack Gabriel's server so he can see everything that he does on his computer without being detected. 

The governor enacts an executive order that makes the student have to pass an ethics exam in order to help try cases. The students end up passing the exam. 

Nate brings the information he's found out about Bonnie and the missing child to Annalise and she tells him that the woman in the photo taking the child is Bonnie's sister. 

In the flashforwards, Bonnie lies to Annalise about the blood on her leg and in the reception, the DJ calls for Connor and Oliver to come to the dance floor but Oliver doesn't show up. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Laurel: She's letting you work on the psychopath case?
Oliver: She likes me better than all of you.

Oliver: Thanks for calling me a genius.
Annalise: Just find something juicy, genius.