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Frank continues playing basketball with Gabriel, hoping to clone his cell phone. 

Annalise starts her defense on one of the class action cases, a Muslim woman accused of running over her wife in order to keep her green card. Bonnie pitches the best defense and the two try the case, with the goal to bring down the public defender and show that he gave her inadequate counsel. After Oliver discovers that the deceased woman's son was making donations to an alt right racist group, Annalise is able to trap him on the stand and he is arrested for his mother's murder. 

Laurel goes to Emmett and tells him and Tegan that the person who turned in her father was her mother. Tegan in return gets Christopher into the C&G daycare. 

Emmett tells Annalise that she has to take on some cases unrelated to her class action to make money for the firm. 

After helping Miller with his speech for the DA job, Asher is hired on as an intern. 

Frank sleeps with Gabriel's roommate and pays her to kick Gabriel out. He then hooks Gabriel up with Wes's old apartment where he has a camera installed so he can watch him. 

Nate tracks the DNA of the baby in the files to DC and learns that the baby was abandoned and then kidnapped by a mysterious woman two days later. 

The flashforward shows Bonnie bringing Christopher to a bathroom and soon being followed by Michaela and Laurel. After Laurel leaves, Michaela asks Bonnie about Nate and then notices the blood on her leg. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Annalise: You know better than to over-promise.
Michaela: I was instilling confidence.
Annalise: I'll do that. You focus on legal.
Michaela: This is my case. I need to focus on everything.
Annalise: Oh, no. This is my case. And I'll take it away from you at any point.

You owe me tuition, the way I'm schooling you out here.

Gabriel [to Frank]