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In the future at Connor and Oliver's wedding, Annalise dances but Frank comes back with a grim look and refuses to tell Annalise anything. Outside, a figure stumbles through the snow dripping blood.

At Middleton in the present, a new transfer student, Gabriel Maddox, piques Frank's attention. He attends Annalise's new legal clinic along with the Keating 4.

Annalise starts to meet with law firms in order to try and get a job. She is still facing some difficulty because of malpractice probation.

Connor and Oliver plan their wedding and their new home. Laurel receives a package containing her old baptism dress, suggesting that her mother sent it to her. Laurel has mysterious scratches on her arms after meeting with her mother.

Frank helps to take of her son, Christopher, and Laurel has sex with him but doesn't want to commit to him.

Nate goes to Bonnie's office to investigate her. He takes her coffee cup and runs the DNA against the DNA on the "Child Alive?" files from Denver. They match, and Nate realizes that Gabriel is Bonnie's kid.

In the legal clinic, Annalise keeps Gabriel but boots out Asher. Frank proposes to Laurel but she turns him down. Annalise finally gets an offer from a firm to fund her own law firm, and she offers a full year's tuition to the highest ranking student in her class.

In the future, Laurel's baby cries out as the figure drops to the ground. Bonnie walks over in the snow and strangles the figure.

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Why do you look like someone just died?

Annalise (to Frank)

You want to be a better man? Then stop hating who you are and be a better Frank.