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Laurel was found, but she claimed she had nothing to do with what happened to her mother. 

The body in the car was revealed to be Denver's and Bonnie wondered whether Antares took him out. 

Nate managed to get the phone and the hard drive back, and Annalise went to Jorge with an affidavit to give Laurel access to her child. 

He agreed, but there was a bigger plan at play and he was arrested shortly after. 

Laurel had a shower and it revealed she had cuts all over her. Did she kill her mother?

Frank bumped into a kid at Middleton and seemed to think he was either Bonnie or Annalise's son. 

Annalise won her class action lawsuit, and Nate got all the files on her workers, but he lied that he destroyed them. 

Connor and Oliver decided to get married, but Asher and Michaela continued to bicker. 

Michaela got rid of Simon by getting immigration involved. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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