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Michaela is the first chair on a case involving a woman who is being charged with a litany of crimes after she and her husband robbed a cash lender and he was subsequently killed by the cops. 

After Michaela falls to get the restitution charge dropped, the prosecution looks to charge her with felony murder. Michaela wants to argue prosecutorial vindictiveness, but after Brandi lashes out on the stand, Michaela realizes that the prosecution is scared of a wrongful death lawsuit. After putting the opposing DA on the stand, she gets the prosecution to agree to a plea deal and Brandi gets probation. 

Connor brings Hector to Maryland to see his mother, Marisol, and get her to sign the asylum paperwork. Hector's social worker rats him out to the authorities and Hector and Marisol are detained. After Bonnie lies to the director, she, Connor, and Tegan meet with him but he catches Bonnie in her lie. Tegan is then forced to call her wife, who works for Homeland Security, to get Hector and Marisol released. 

Tegan hires Bonnie to work at Caplan and Gold. 

Frank discovers video footage of Laurel leaving the bank, and tracks down the cab driver who picked her up. He gives her the address of a safe house and after breaking in he runs into Xavier. 

Gabriel admits to his mother that he killed her old boyfriend, Paul. She leaves him the box full of Annalise and Sam's therapy sessions, and he discovers that Michaela's father wasn't Annalise's client, but was instead his lawyer. 

The FBI wants Nate's help in the case against Annalise Keating, in exchange for information about his father's death. 

In the flash-forward, the FBI shows Connor pictures of a murder and Connor hyperventilates.

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

It's over boo-boo. Pack your knives and go home.

Asher [to Gabriel]

Asher: Eliminate possession of a deadly weapon.
Michaela: The police said they found a knife on Brandi.
Asher: The knife was a nail file. There's no crime in staying flossy.