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Annalise gives her students a case involving a young boy who is seeking asylum after leaving Mexico. After struggling to come up with a defense, Connor decides to show the court how inhumane the conditions are at the detention center the boy was being held in and the judge agrees to put him into the foster system. 

Vivian meets with Annalise, and later with Gabriel who pushes her away. Annalise tasks Bonnie and Nate with digging up dirt on Vivian that will force her to leave town. 

Michaela searches for her birth father, only to find out that he died a year earlier. 

Michaela tells Connor, Oliver, and Asher that Gabriel killed his mother's boyfriend, and Asher tells Annalise. After finding out that Vivian is talking to the FBI, she tells Vivian what Gabriel did. 

Frank attempts to access the safety deposit box Laurel had a key for and goes to Jorge for help. Later, he finds out from Annalise that Wes had access to the box and he makes a fake ID so he can open the box. When he opens the box, it's empty and he finds out Laurel was the last one to open the box three days before. 

A flashforward shows Michaela in police custody and them telling her that an informant is dead and her fingerprints were found on the murder weapon. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Annalise: Where is she?
Connor: At home, boycotting you.
Asher: And stabbing her AK voodoo doll.

I'm just sorry you're so dumb that you think I'd believe you. Bitch.

Michaela [to Annalise]