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While in rehab, Annalise imagines what her funeral will be like and sees a young Christopher opening up her casket and pointing a gun at her. 

Meanwhile, Bonnie, Frank, Asher, Connor, Oliver, and Michaela discuss Laurel and Christopher's disappearance. 

Tegan is questioned by the police after Emmett's death. And she is named the new managing partner. 

Gabriel tells Michaela that he wants to be with her but she tells him she can't. 

Flashbacks show the events leading to Annalise entering rehab. After drinking and doing different drugs, she ended up in the emergency room and asked Bonnie for help. 

After Nate finds out that Emmett's body is being shipped to London to be examined, he goes to Tegan and becomes suspicious of her. 

After a somatic therapy exerise, Annalise confides in her roommate that she helped cover up Sam's murder. Shortly after she returns home. 

Michaela changes her mind and tells Gabriel that she wants to be with him too. Later, Gabriel's mother calls him and unbeknownst to him, she's looking at him through the window from outside his apartment. 

Annalise gathers the students and has them beat away the negative thoughts they harbor about themselves with a fire poker on a pillow. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Frank call the police and report Laurel and Christopher missing. Frank also finds a key hidden behind a picture frame in Christopher's room. 

Asher tells Michaela that Annalise knew her birth father. 

The episode ends with a flashforward to Annalise's actual funeral. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

I was hoping you smuggled your phone in your bra. It's just crazy here, as expected. Not your worry though. I just wanted to hear a friendly voice. Until then, get your ass better.

Stay dead, bitch!

Child Christopher [to Annalise]