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Annalise listens to the tapes of herself in old therapy sessions with Sam and cries.

While Frank is struggling in the hospital, flashbacks show that Xavier approached him at the safe house and wanted his help in finding Laurel. When Frank declines, Xavier tortures him and he finds out that Xavier's sister is the one that emptied the safe deposit box, not Laurel. 

Michaela inquires about what happened between Solomon and his mother, and she finds out they had a one-night stand and he did inquire about her over the years. Later, he asks for her help in selecting a candidate for his women's fund. The two clash and Michaela asks him for money, so he writes her a blank check. 

Tegan comes face to face with her estranged wife, Cora, and the two finalize their divorce. 

Asher's sister, Chloe, tells him that their mother is suicidal and convinces Asher to come visit her. 

Annalise admits to Gabriel that she went after Sam and that Sam did love her. 

Frank wakes up and tells Bonnie that Annalise helped Laurel disappear, based on information Xavier told Frank about a secret bank account. Annalise denies this, and when she attempts to access the bank account she finds out that it has been emptied.

In the flashforward, Tegan arrives at Asher and Gabe's apartment building on behalf of her client, and a large amount of blood is seen on the floor. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Solomon: You think I'd choose to have my own daughter be raised by someone else?
Michaela: You did choose that.

Frank: You finished, or you gonna kill me?
Xavier: Last thing I wanna do is hurt you, Frank.
Frank: Cuz you know the FEDs are on your ass.
Xavier: No, because you're the only guy smart enough to help me find my sister.
Frank: I'll kill you before I ever let you see Laurel again.