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-Mary arrests her father and brings him into FBI headquarters where he cuts a deal to take down a mobster known as Sully.

-Mary calls Marshall who comes running to her side at 4am.

-James tells Mary that Sully threatened his family and that's why he left them all those years ago.  It's why he left his second family as well.

-Sully calls James to say he has his son Scott.  Then a shot rings it and he tells James that Scott is dead.

-James is suffering from cancer and collapses.  He's taken away in an ambulance but escapes.

-FBI Agent O'Connor blames Mary but she had given her father a medallion which actually had a tracking device.  Mary believes James is headed to kill Sully.

-When Mary freaks out on Mark when he is fooled by James into seeing Norah, Marshall tells her not to let her distrust of the world damage her child.

-Marshall's father meets Abigail.  Although he loves her, he comments on Marshall running to Mary's side at 4am and questions if Abigail is really the girl for him.

In Plain Sight
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In Plain Sight Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

You don't have to talk to anyone but if you do you have to talk to me.


Four in the morning hair is not your best look.