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  • Sam tells Nia that Max is in jail and she tells Sam to bring Darnell in.
  • Murphy goes to see Darnell, and he finds out that Max never left town and got arrested.
  • When Sam brings him to Nia, she makes him work for her again, and he agrees to survive.
  • Felix practices shooting a gun at the range, but he can't bring himself to fire.
  • He's perturbed when Sam takes a large cut out of the money that they're laundering, and they don't get much.
  • He promised to take Chelsea to a fancy restaurant and can't afford it now. he decides to use some of Nia's money, but when he's out on a date, one of Nia's men finds him in the rest room and roughs him up.
  • When he takes Chelsea home, he can't peform and start crying from the events of the day and leaves.
  • Later when he's at the range again, he fires thinking about what happened to him and empties the clip. He goes back to Chelsea's house and they have sex.
  • Jess is getting super close to Sterling and tells her how she feels. Sterling says she feels the same.
  • Max refuses to talk to Murphy even when she's trying to warn him that Nia's people are after him in prison. She urges him to tell Dean about the stash house.
  • He is stabbed and almost dies.He tells Dean about the house, but Dean doesn't get him transferred.
  • Murphy confronts Dean about it, and he says Max is as good as dead no matter what he does because Nia has people everywhere.
  • Darnell goes to Josiah, Nia's competion and offers his services and tells her about the stash house.
  • Darnell and Josiah's men and the cops head to the stash house to hit it at the same time.
  • Darnell and Josia's men hang back when they see the cops and celebrate because they know that it means Nia is probably going down.
  • But the cops don't find anything at the house.
  • Murphy went to Nia and gave her a heads up in exchange for Max's life. It works, Nia had her product moved, and it's at Guiding HOpe.
  • Ben and Murphy clean up the blood at the crime scene nine days later, and they talk about hiding the drugs.
In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Sam: Max Parrish got arrested.
Nia: Max is alive?
Sam: It would appear so.
Nia: Change that, and find Darnell. 

I would have had a ten-hour lead on Dean if I hadn't gone back for that money, now look at where I am.