In The Dark Season 4 Episode 2 Review: No Cane Do

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Our girl is free at last!

Felix was the MVP of In The Dark Season 4 Episode 2 by coming through with Murphy's bail and springing her from the hell hole that was her living conditions at the correctional facility.

Of course, everything comes with a price, and more trouble follows.

Staying Alive - In The Dark

If there is one thing that's undeniably the truth, it's that Felix loves Murphy and will do anything for her. We've seen that a great deal, particularly during In the Dark Season 3, and it's more evident than ever.

Everyone can see it. He's the driving force behind ensuring that Murphy is okay when everyone else in her life seems to lack the level of concern or drive on the matter.

Stuck in Prison -tall - In The Dark Season 4 Episode 2

Even the niece of the man he stole from could appreciate that Felix loves Murphy so much that he was out committing felonies to pay off her bail.

In that sense, Felix is really carrying this aspect of the storyline whenever the focus shifts away from Murphy.

Max and Lesley often seem like they're phoning it in. They're resistant to doing illegal things but end up going along for the ride anyway.

They can't reel Felix in, but they begrudgingly indulge him. It's like we're waiting for the next stage of things where trouble follows them as the fallout from Murphy's time in prison sucks the rest of them into its web.

Stability -tall - In The Dark Season 4 Episode 1

Lesley and Max did look nice together in their fancy attire. Lesley has good taste in suits, as Max looked quite dapper.

Felix's plan to rob a mansion was insane, and he looked even more so running around with Lesley's pantyhose on his face. But what a shocking twist of fate and luck that he knew the person in the house.

Not only was she happy to see Felix and get high with him, but she led him to the cold, hard cash and gave it to him directly.

You could tell neither Max nor Lesley expected Felix to pull off his little plan, and he had the great honor of racing to pay off the bail and picking Murphy up from the clinker.

Lost Feelings -tall - In The Dark Season 4 Episode 1

It was a stark contrast to the last time he was there and saw Sam, surmising why Murphy couldn't be in there any longer.

Murphy seemed appreciative of him, and it was a relief that not only was Murphy out, but she gave Felix his due and was genuinely grateful. It's progress for her, and it speaks to how much she may value him in her life when everyone else has bailed on her.

Josh, I love you, but you got to stop with this Murphy business, man. It's a liability at this point.


It's too bad she couldn't hold off on her offer to Paula a little longer. She could've gotten out of that prison stress-free, at least temporarily. But now, she's invited more trouble into their lives because she was trying to protect herself.

Sam is cold-blooded. How much more vengeance does she need against Murphy? It was heartbreaking when she shanked her in the halls.

New Case, New Worries -tall - In The Dark Season 4 Episode 2

And just when you thought Josh would show an iota of sympathy, he couldn't leave it at Murphy not deserving to be attacked in prison. He had to go on about how she needed to live to see her trial and so forth.

Again, not that Nia wasn't a human being and all, but Josh acts like Murphy murdered a nun. It's insane!

His obsession with Murphy is as absurd as it gets, and the only positives to come from it is that both Sarah and Gene have gotten around to calling him out on it.

He had ulterior motives when he suggested that prison was the key to finding the dealer behind the drugs killing the sorority girls.

Childish and Insubordinate -tall - In The Dark Season 4 Episode 2

For Josh, everything must lead back to Murphy. While his instincts about her wanting to use her cane to smuggle drugs in were correct, it doesn't change how he's so far over the line in how he's dealing with Murphy that he can't see it.

And that's not because he's losing his sight either. Although, they remain selective with when that's applicable.

You weren't joking about needing protection, huh? Well, you might be able to do something for me.


If Josh is intent on finding the drugs and new dealer, then he'll stick to his prison theory whether Murphy is in there or not. But something tells me that he'll only focus on her portion of it and try to corner her now that she's out.

He'll think that Murphy is his new angle to unearthing something, and he'll disregard how her life was in jeopardy, which would prompt her to do that in the first place.

Staying Alive -tall  - In The Dark Season 4 Episode 2

Murphy is so good at thinking on her feet. The more obvious route would've been using her cane to get drugs through. She did that before, so she shouldn't have risked something like that.

But the audio book thing was ingenious. Although you would think they would scan the books or thoroughly search them before letting them into the prison.

It was the perfect plan, but now that Murphy left before she could get Paula the drugs, there will be hell to pay.

Murphy can't get a moment of rest for anything in the world. I don't know how she could've gotten herself out of this situation.

Prison Life for Murphy -tall - In The Dark Season 4 Episode 1

Was there a way for her to request to see Paula before she left? Could she have told the nice nurse woman to give the audiobook directly to Paula without it looking suspicious?

If the audiobook still popped up at the prison, at least Paula could've requested it if she figured it was there. But the guard packed it away in Murphy's bag, so now she has Paula's drugs.

Paula: So, we're friends now?
Murphy: I could possibly be your best friend. I figured out the solution to your little problem.
Paula: Is that so?
Murphy: Yeah, books.

It should be a simple but rectifiable misunderstanding, but this is In The Dark, where nothing can ever go smoothly.

Murphy is out on bail for murder and drug-related charges, and she now has the drugs from a dealer on the inside in her possession.

Adjusting to Prison -tall - In The Dark Season 4 Episode 1

Between the law and criminals, she'll have people coming from her on both sides.

On the subject of those contradictory sides, Darnell's relationship with Sarah continues to be awkward because of this. It's hard to reconcile how either of them can still be with one another with their history and everything between them.

Darnell thinking about Tyson provided some unexpectedly heartrending moments in the hour. It all feels a bit fitting, too, when considering that this is the final season.

The whole journey began with Tyson, and everyone is where they are now because of the domino effect of his murder.

The Brains and Reason - tall - In The Dark Season 3 Episode 9

We haven't checked in with that portion of the storyline in a long time. Through Darnell, we got to remember this lovable teen.

Darnell's moment with his aunt, Tyson's mother, who he hadn't seen since Tyson's death, was sad. You could tell he felt guilty for not checking in on her more, and hell, he probably should've felt that way.

Darnell had a lot on his mind when he was thinking about Tyson, and he carried that with him to Sarah's house when he went there for the night.

Naturally, it triggered something in him when he saw that she was looking at these young teens and associates with this drug and hoped to flip them to find the dealer.

Filed Away -tall - In The Dark Season 4 Episode 2

Sarah's outlook on things as an officer can be very black and white, and Darnell wanted her to see that life is more complicated than that.

Most of those young boys weren't the problem. If anything, they're victims of the bigger problem.

We know that Paula is the one dealing the drugs, and there is an operation on the outside, which connects the storylines and most of the characters.

But now that Murphy is out, we get to see how it'll play out with a much bigger picture.

Over to you, In the Dark Fanatics. Are you grateful Murphy is out of prison? Where do things go from here now?

Sound off below.

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No Cane Do Review

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You weren't joking about needing protection, huh? Well, you might be able to do something for me.


I'm losing my sight. I haven't lost it.